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List Description
AfricanEducationInitiative [no description available]
Aie_advisory_council-list For members of the AIE advisory council
Alana-list The African,Latina(o), Asian, Native American Association
Aocc Alumni of Color Conference
Cas_students [no description available]
Communitie for the student organization CommuniTIE
Cso_student_advisory_board For communication with CSO Student Advisory Board members about CSO programs
Distance_students-list Gutman Library's Distance Services List
Doc2009 List serve for members of the 2009 Ed.D. Cohort.
Doc2010 List serve for members of the 2010 Ed.D. Cohort
Doc2011 List serve for members of the 2011 Ed.D. Cohort
Edserv-list Urban Educators Service Coalition
EPLPfac-list [no description available]
Eplpguest eople interested in EPLIP doctoral concentration events who are neither HGSE faculty nor EPLIP doctoral students
EPLPstu-list [no description available]
Epm_network-list Education Policy and Management Masters Program Alumni List
Fang-list [no description available]
Gse2000-list Higher Ed Graduates from 2000
Gse2001-list Higher Ed Graduates from 2001
Harp-list Hand Augmented Reality Project List
HDEfac-list HDE Faculty List
HDEstu-list HDE Student List
Hdpalum-list [no description available]
Hgse_ac-list HGSE Alumni Council E-Mail List Serv
Hgse_student_parents Communication between HGSE Student Parents
Highered2002-list Higher Ed Program, Class of 2002
Highered2003-list Higher Ed Program, Class of 2003
Highered2004-list Higher Ed Program, Class of 2004
Highered2005-list Higher Ed Program, Class of 2005
Highered2006-list Higher Ed Program, Class of 2006
Highered2007-list Higher Ed Program, Class of 2007
Highered2008-list [no description available]
Highered2009-list [no description available]
Highered2010 [no description available]
Highered2011 The purpose of each listserv is to send communications to the confirmed enrolled students about the upcoming year.
Highered_network-list HGSE Higher Ed Alumni
Hudan-list For all the disability coordinators associated with Harvard
Iep_alumni The list serv is for alumni of the International Education Policy Program.
IERC-list International Educational Research Community
Ihed to disseminate information peritnent to the group
LAEF Latin America Education Forum
Llalumni to send out email communications to the Language and Literacy Master's Alumni
Lledd-list L&L Doctoral Program
Llfac-list L&L Program Faculty
Llspec L&L Specialists 2010
midge Heather Hill's Mathematics Instrument Development Group
Mpd [no description available]
OutreachWorkGroup listserve for the Outreach Work Group at HGSE
Part-timers Part-time student listserv
Pdk_leader_education-list KAPPAN Author Communication List
Ppeleadership-list PPE Leadership Team
Ppeprogram-list PPE Program Team List
Ppeprogsched Providing program schedules and information to GSE administrators and the Dean's Office
Rpalumni-l R&P Alumni
S077SASUsers S-077 SAS Users Group
Sdpalumni to contact members of our Strategic Data Project Fellowship
Sdpfellows [no description available]
Sdpfellows_c3 [no description available]
Sga-list A list which the Student Government Association can use to keep in touch with each other over email
Slp-2004-list [no description available]
Slp2003-list School Leadership Program, Class of 2003
Slp2005-list School Leadership Program, Class of 2005
Slp2006-list School Leadership Program, Class of 2006
Slp2007-list School Leadership Program, Class of 2007
Slp2008-list [no description available]
Slp2009-list [no description available]
Slp2010 [no description available]
Slp2011 The purpose of each listserv is to send communications to the confirmed enrolled students about the upcoming year.
Student_Organization_Leaders HGSE Student Organization Leaders
Tea-for-40-l An education-related list focusing on the practices discussed and modeled in Eleanor Duckworth's T-440 class, and critical exploration
Utep Important announcements and information for the UTEP cohort.
Xdrive [no description available]

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